Highlight Reel

Natural Born Poker Player

Natural Born Poker Player - A mixture of interactive video games and sound psychology to determine a players key skills and weaknesses - then build on how these are mapped to real poker playing situations. Launched in April 2015 with over 800,000 sessions in its first week, now at over 3 million plays and a great conversion rate.


Lynx: Fallen Angel

An interactive facebook film, that uses your friends photos and your location to bring your life into the action, dropping Kelly Brook into your street. Over 20% of viewers shared the personalised 'trailer' which was viewable without logging in to facebook. Doubled The number of likes on the lynx Facebook page. 

Infiniti Digital Art

Digitally amplified events linking the luxury car brand Infiniti with the latest cutting edge art installations. An international digital art competition with physical and digital installations that toured europe. I worked on the competition theme creative and concept, managed the competition entrants/judging , digital installations and event technology platform. 

"Keeping Keeley" Lynx Twist

Keeping Keeley an interactive comedy, staring Keeley Hazel and Blake Harrison (The Inbetweeners). It was fully integrated into facebook to allow players to 'brag' about their 'epic fails'. Took Lynx fan base from 5000 to 150,000 in six weeks with an average view time of 26 minutes. There was also an incredibly successful version on xbox, which generated over half a million downloads.

You can view an archive version HERE (Facebook integration has been removed)



I worked on the digital strategy and design for the conran group. Taking several inconsistent web properties into one customisable CMS driven solution. Each business getting its own platform but sharing a design language.

The core digital strategy being to highlight the work and people running heading up each part of the group, as Conran himself is no longer part of the day to day business. By being digitally vocal and having opinions as well as showcasing it allowed the group to amplify its presence. 


Digital Science Concepts: Protovision

A short film looking at how we can use near future technology to be genuinely useful in niche workplaces. I worked on the pitch, concept and technology application.

Nike England Supporters Selfie Wall

Nike England Supporters Selfie Wall

An interactive wall of selfie images for the nike store. This installation allowed users to tag themselves trying on the new England kit in the nike store - by tagging it on instagram the app selected the photos based on the tags and GPS location to display them on the wall.

5 A Day

5 A Day

A behavioural change 'labs' app for mobile and wearables.  Winner of the Samsung Gear Innovation Challenge.